Mumbai: Royal Challengers Bangalore bowler Harshal Patel is currently in discussion. He has proved himself by taking 17 wickets in 15 matches. He is also a part of IPL in 2020 and at that time he was in the team of Delhi Capitals. However, RCB took him to the mega auction and that was the turning point in his career.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview, Herschel has made a big disclosure. In the mega auction of IPL 2022, there was a moment when Herschel became very emotional.

“I was very emotional when RCB chief Prathamesh Mishra picked up the paddle for me at the mega auction,” Herschel said.


Herschel said on the Breakfast with Champions show that when my name was announced, RCB chief Mishra picked up the pedal in the first second and then everything started happening at lightning speed. It was going beyond Rs 6-7 crore. At that point, my wife told me that the price would be doubled. At that time I told him that everything above Rs 7 crore will be yours.

I was in the room when the auction started and my mobile phone rang. I got a message from Virat Kohli and he congratulated me. “Congratulations, you have won the lottery,” was his message.