TV actress Debi Banerjee is enjoying maternity leave these days. A few days ago the actress gave birth to a daughter. He named her Liana. Debina and Gurmeet are extremely happy to be Liana’s parents. Debina Banerjee recently said in a video that Liana had jaundice five days after birth.

Debina shared experience

In the new video, Debina Banerjee explains that Leena’s jaundice level was 19. Levels above 15 are considered dangerous. The daughter’s blood was tested. The daughter was placed in an incubator. Talking about the procedure, he said, “The daughter was kept in an incubator where she was blindfolded and kept wearing only diapers. So that the rays of light do not harm the child. Liana was placed in Two Billy Lights. Seeing him made me feel pain and trouble too. Gurmeet finds Liana’s eyes yellow. He felt as if something had happened.

90% of babies get jaundice

“We’re sorry we didn’t take Liana to the doctor right away,” Debina said. Actress Debina says Leah is going to be a beach baby. Doctors say that Liana sleeps like a queen. If I can take Leena to Goa, she will be very happy. Lena did not cry and slept only 24 hours.

Daughter Leah has gone Gurmeet: Debina

Debbie Banerjee further said that when Liana was placed inside Billy Light Rays, her jaundice level dropped to 10 the very next day. Both our parents brought Liana home. Leah is a calm baby and doesn’t cry much. She has gone to Gurmeet. I call it Mini Guru. Let us tell you that Debina gave birth to Liana on 3 April.