Mumbai: Ajay Devgan and Kajol are one of the most beautiful couples of Bollywood. Even though they have been married for 23 years, the couple still looks like a new couple.

Why did you decide to marry Kajol on a talk show after so many years of marriage? When Ajay was asked about this marriage, he responded saying that what he said is very funny and touching.

These days superstar Ajay Devgan is in discussion about his upcoming film ‘Runway 34’. Ajay is very busy in the promotion of this film to be released on April 29. He is seen promoting the film among the people.


Meanwhile, when he reached a talk show, he was asked why he decided to marry Kajol. Everyone is shocked to hear his answer. The two fell in love without proposing and they decided to get married.

Deciding to get married without proposing
Ajay Devgan said- “I really don’t know.. how we met, we became good friends. We started dating without proposing and then decided that we were going to get married. We both have the same thinking. So the flow continued.”

learning to live together
Ajay Devgn admitted that he too has seen many ups and downs in his married life like others. But he has learned to work by overcoming those problems.