Mumbai: It is often said that a woman is born again while giving birth to a child. Basically, as the baby gets older, the mother’s new born becomes more mature. But, the same role of the mother of an actress seems to be faltering in the first place. He has the same reasons.

A popular actress recently shared a video on social media with her newborn daughter. In this video, the actress is seen walking around with her daughter in her lap.

He can be seen grooving to the beat of the song. But, the girl is so small that even the netizens are upset to watch the video. As a result, many people have taken this actress to school.


This is actress Debina Banerjee. Debina is seen sharing a video of how her daughter has been taken care of since her birth. In this, he has now shared a video, which the fans did not like. (Debina Banerjee daughter)

Because, many people say that the way Debina is holding her daughter in one hand while singing and is walking slowly on that rhythm, it is wrong.


It is a child, not a toy….; don’t you understand…. hold him tight….; You are a very good mother, etc. All is well, but the way you have caught the girl is completely wrong.

Jokes – jokes when it comes to jokes, but don’t set the trend on serious occasions by saying that many took her to school.

Seeing these comments regarding the care of the little girl, it is also clear that how much everyone cares for Debina Leki.