Mumbai: Actor Ranbir Kapoor and actress Alia Bhatt got engaged a few days back. After Alia and Ranbir tied the knot in the presence of the family, their wedding party was also held in the presence of special friends. It was going on that the wedding pictures of the newlyweds were going viral.

Fans saw the moment of marriage, the ceremony before it, the ceremony and the family feast through all the pictures. Ranbir and Alia showed how small but equally special marriage is.

Everything related to their marriage became the center of attraction. Even the announcement that Ranbir made at the time of marriage.


After putting the necklace around Alia’s neck, the family members started congratulating the couple. Wearing the necklace on his knees in front of Alia, Ranbir accepted the necklace in a very beautiful way and this is where he won everyone’s heart.

Next, what he did was the moment of the year. ‘Say hello to my wife,’ he said to everyone there. Well, everyone praised her because of what Alia said. Alia’s face was red with shame at that time.


It is a pleasure for any woman to introduce herself as a wife for the first time. That moment was something for Alia too, said happiness on her face.

Soon after marriage, both Alia and Ranbir started concentrating on their work. The couple’s dedication towards work said it all and once again their love for each other grew.