New Delhi : Hosted by Kangana Ranaut lock up In the latest episode of , the family members and friends of the contestants entered the locked up jail to meet them before the finale. In the beginning we see that Azaah Falah throws Anjali Arora’s makeup in a bucket and then destroys it by pouring water into it.

It was Shivam Sharma who first noticed this and pointed it out to Sayesha Shinde, Munavvar Farooqui and Poonam Pandey. Later, Anjali and Sayesha decide not to react to Aajah’s actions so that she doesn’t get the ‘footage’ she wants.



Later, the prisoners are pleasantly surprised when their family members and friends appear on the show. First, Anjali’s mother comes to the show and Payal gives Rohatgi a cup in exchange for her broken cup.



Azam’s mother had also come to jail and warned him against some contestants and told him to play his game fearlessly.

At the end of the episode, wrestler and Payal Rohatgi’s fiance Sangram Singh entered the show and entertained the entire jail with his jokes. Later he surprised Payal by proposing for marriage. She was overjoyed when he said it from the heart and gave her a big hug.