On the 62nd day of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine, Moscow has warned Kyiv and NATO countries of the threat of a third world war. In the wake of attacks on Ukrainian oil depots and military installations, a Russian diplomat has warned against provoking Ukraine, citing the real threat of World War III.

A recent media report said that Russian President Vladimir Putin is still optimistic that talks with Ukraine will lead to positive results.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the threat of a nuclear conflict should not be underestimated. Russia has issued a warning ahead of a meeting of the US and its allies on sending more weapons to Ukraine. On the other hand, despite arms supplies to Ukraine, there is a risk of a nuclear conflict with Russia if the West proceeds in this regard. Lavrov also condemned Ukraine’s stand on peace talks.

Meanwhile, the British Defense Ministry said Russia had captured the Ukrainian city of Crimea. Fighting has been going on in this city of Luhansk region for several days. British forces said that with the capture of Crimea heavy fighting was taking place to the south of the city of Azim. The Russian army is trying to advance from the north and east towards the cities of Slovensk and Kremetorsk.

Russia claimed control of the city of Crimea a few days ago. The Kremlin is located 575 km southeast of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. But now Britain has confirmed this arrest by releasing an intelligence report. The British army did not say from where it got information about the capture of the Kremlin.