kamala-heris-1024x576Restrictions are being eased to bring normalcy due to less corona infection. Meanwhile, US Vice President Kamala Harris has been confirmed to be infected with the corona virus. The White House has given this information. The White House said both rapid and PCR tests confirmed Harris was infected. However, they do not show any symptoms of the disease.

The President and the First Lady were not contacted.
Harris will remain isolated from his residence, but will continue to work and return to the White House only after being free of infection. Harris, 57, received a booster dose in October last year after taking both doses of the anti-Covid vaccine. Then, on April 1, he was given an additional booster dose. The White House says President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden have not been in contact with Vice President Harris in recent days.

The BA2 subvariant is wreaking havoc
The corona virus epidemic has started wreaking havoc again. In view of the increasing cases in many countries, it is being called the fourth wave of corona. This time the BA.2 subvariant of the Omicron variant of Corona has wreaked havoc. Most cases of the omicron ba2 subvariant are increasing in many countries in Asia and Europe, including the US and UK.