382243-mahilabomberrNew Delhi : A woman from Balochistan has shaken Pakistan and China. An educated woman from Balochistan carried out a suicide attack on Tuesday, in which four people were killed in China and Pakistan.

A suicide attack took place in Pakistan’s Karachi University on Tuesday. In which three Chinese and one Pakistani national have been injured. A woman was also among the criminals. Whose name is Sherry Baloch. Shayari carried out a suicide attack and four people were killed.

Who is Shayari Baloch?
Everyone wants to know about Shayari after the suicide attack. Afghan journalist Bashir Ahmad Gwakh tweeted about Shayari Baloch. According to Gwakh, Shayari was 30 years old at the time of the attack. Who did Masters in Zoology and MPhil in Education. She was a teacher. Shari Baloch was a volunteer of Majeed Brigade, considered a dangerous part of the Balochistan Liberation Army. He saw BLA 2 years back. And insisted on using it in his suicide attack.

CCTV footage of a suicide bomber detonating explosives when Chinese institution vehicles arrived. Police confirm 3 Chinese and 1 Pakistani killed in this #BLA attack. BLA in recent times in #Pakistan

I have increased my attacks significantly. #Karachi University

Shayari was the mother of two children:
Shari Baloch was the mother of two children. Whose age is eight and five years. Her husband Bashir Baloch is a dentist. While father was in government service. Shayari’s Baloch husband Habitan Bashir Baloch tweeted from an undisclosed location that he was surprised by his wife’s work. Also he is proud of what his wife has done.

Movement intensified in Balochistan:
Afghan journalist Bashir Ahmad Gwakh says that Shari Baloch was educated. His family came from a good class. His family was never harassed by the Pakistani army. However, he decided to become a suicide bomber. Which shows that now the movement in Balochistan is intensifying.

In front of a Chinese language learning center at Karachi University, shortly after noon The attacker attacked. In which 3 Chinese nationals and their Pakistani driver were killed even before they could board the van. The Chinese Embassy in Pakistan has condemned the blast at Karachi University. After the incident, Pakistan’s PM Sharif reached the Chinese Embassy. He met the Chinese ambassador and expressed grief over the incident. At the same time, the culprits of the incident have been assured of punishment.