UNGA: In a major move, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on Tuesday passed a resolution regarding the veto power of P5 countries, mandating UNSC members to legitimize themselves in the legislature. use it.

Speaking at the United Nations General Assembly, India underlined that although it supports an initiative that “pursues the goal of achieving meaningful and comprehensive reforms,” ​​the current resolution “needs a more serious, in-depth and inclusive discussion.” Is.

In the 69th plenary meeting, India’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador R.K. Ravindra said that the entire process of Security Council reform in the last four decades has been held hostage by negative minorities. India insisted that all five permanent members have exercised their veto over the past 75 years to achieve their respective political objectives.


Treat everyone equally, or veto new permanent members’: India

Appealing to the West to resolve the Security Council’s problems, India asked the UN to make the General Assembly “more representative, credible and legitimate” by involving more representative voices.

R. It is therefore ironic that the same group of member states that have been vigorously arguing against ‘piecemeal reforms’ at IGN is today itself advocating a piecemeal initiative that addresses the root cause of the problem, Ravindra said. ignores. So we expect to focus on other efforts. Aspects of the membership category of the Council and the manner in which it operates shall be treated without any double standards and shall remain so in future also.

The ambassador also explained how the provisions of the resolution replace the provisions of the United Nations Charter. Corpses will also affect the internal decision-making dynamics of the Council.