kamla harris covid 19: The White House has informed US Vice President Kamala Harris that she has been diagnosed with Corona. Harris has completed two doses of Corona. Harris got corona upon his return from California.

Kamala Harris tested positive for Corona and reported positive. Kamala Harris has no symptoms. After receiving the report, Corona has been isolated. The secretary has informed that she will work from home for the next few days. Harris will follow this guideline.

Harris arrived at the White House from California on Tuesday morning. He took the test after reaching the White House. She immediately returned home after receiving the investigation report. He has isolated himself in his own house. Both doses of Harris’s corona were completed in January. The first booster was given in October and the second booster dose on April 1.

President Biden is not in danger


According to the White House, President Joe Biden did not contact Harris. So there’s no reason to worry. Those who have met Harris in the past few days have been advised to undergo tests. Harris has no serious symptoms of corona

In the last few weeks, the number of corona patients in America is increasing day by day. The BA.2 variant has seen an increase in the number of patients. The death toll is also above 300. Corona figures call everyone to be careful. The White House tweeted about the action plan a few days ago. Which will help in the treatment of corona patients.