Russia Ukraine War: More than two months have passed since the war between Russia and Ukraine began. Thousands of people, including soldiers, have been killed since the announcement of Russia’s attack on Ukraine on February 24. However, now Russian President Vladimir Putin has spoken of a peaceful solution. Vladimir Putin has said that Moscow still hopes for a peaceful solution with Ukraine.

what putin said

During a meeting with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Tuesday, Vladimir Putin said “significant progress” had been made during talks between Russian and Ukrainian officials in Istanbul, Turkey, last month. Vladimir Putin claimed that Ukraine later withdrew from some of the agreements reached in Istanbul.

He said the Ukrainian authorities have changed their position on the situation in Crimea and the separatist regions of eastern Ukraine and the presidents of the two countries have been left to discuss these issues. Vladimir Putin said a change in Ukraine’s attitude would make any future agreement difficult.


Russia invades eastern Ukraine

Putin on Tuesday expressed hope for a peaceful solution with Ukraine, while Russia attacked eastern Ukraine. Meanwhile, local officials said at least nine people were killed and several others wounded in Russian attacks on cities in eastern and southern Ukraine.

America promises new weapons to West Kyiv

The US Secretary of Defense promised new weapons to Kyiv to provide necessary weapons to respond to new attacks. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said that Ukraine should be helped. He also called a meeting of officials from about 40 countries at the US Rammstein Air Base in Germany. Germany has announced that it has cleared the way for the supply of Gapard anti-aircraft weapons to Ukraine.