Beijing H3N8 bird flu has been detected in humans for the first time. The H3N8 strain of bird flu has reported the first human transmission in Henan province of China. This information was received from a media report on Tuesday. At the same time, it was announced in a statement issued by the National Health Commission (NHC) of China. But at the same time it was said that the risk of spreading it among people is low. So there is nothing to fear. Giving more details about H3N8, China’s National Health Commission said that a four-year-old child was suffering from it.

According to the NHC, the child was found to be infected with the H3N8 virus after developing several symptoms, including fever. The good news is that no one has come in contact with this virus. According to the NHC, the child was exposed to domesticated chickens and crows. After which he showed many symptoms including fever and on examination he was found infected.

Epidemic risk reduced

The health commission said the H3N8 variant was first observed in horses, dogs and birds in the world. However, no human case of H3N8 has been reported. This is the world’s first humanitarian case. The variant does not yet have the potential to infect humans effectively. In such a situation, the risk of large-scale epidemics is reduced.


what is bird flu ,

It is Avian Influenza (H5N1) virus. Which infects birds by spreading viral infection. In other words, it is an infectious viral disease caused by influenza type A virus. Which can catch both birds and humans. Let us tell you that the most famous avian influenza (H5N1) bird flu can cause the death of humans as well as birds.

How does bird flu spread to humans? ,

This problem can occur when individuals are more exposed to infected chickens or other birds.

This problem can occur when individuals consume the meat (raw meat) of birds infected with bird flu.

Whether chicken or bird is alive or dead, this virus can spread to humans through eyes, nose or mouth.

This problem can also occur when a person cleans an infected bird.

This problem can also be caused by the smell of an infected bird.