At least four people, including two foreigners, were killed and several others injured in a suicide attack on a Pakistani university campus in Karachi on Tuesday. For the first time a Baloch woman has carried out a fidayeen attack. It is alleged that the attacker hit him in front of a police station sometime after noon.

mother of 2 children
mother of 2 children

An Afghan journalist tweeted about Sherry Baloch. According to eyewitnesses, Sherry Baloch, who was involved in the attack, was 30 years old. Their Has Master Degree in Biology and M.Phil in Education. was made , She used to teach in a school. Sherry Baloch was a volunteer of the dreaded ‘Majid Brigade’ of the Balochistan Liberation Army. He had joined BLA 2 years back. was involved in and requested to be used in a suicide attack.

Sherry Baloch has 2 children (8 and 5 years old). Her husband, Habiton Bashir Baloch is a dentist while her father was a government employee. Sherri Baloch’s husband Habitan Bashir Baloch tweeted from an undisclosed location that he is shocked by his wife’s selfless work but also proud of his wife’s work.

From time to time, Sherry Bloch was talked about, not because she targeted foreign nationals, but because she was a woman. When Sherry aka Barmash wrote a farewell message on her Twitter handle, no one knew what her next move would be.