Openly helping Ukraine and insulting Russia is costing some European countries in the war between Russia and Ukraine. Russia has cut off gas and oil supplies to Poland and Bulgaria. Last month, Putin asked Russia to pay gas-oil-buying countries in Russian currency ruble, but European countries refused to accept Putin’s request. After this, Putin has decided to stop the supply, taking strict action.

According to Poland and Bulgaria, the Russian energy company Gazprom told them they were shutting down gas supplies. Polish gas company PGNIG said that Russia has decided to suspend gas delivery through the Yamal-Europe pipeline. At the same time, the Bulgarian Energy Ministry said that Russia is stopping gas supplies to Bulgaria through the Turkstream pipeline.

Poland has been openly supporting Ukraine since the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Poland has also provided Ukraine with many weapons to fight the war. The Polish government said this week it was sending tanks to the Ukrainian military. Let us tell you, in Europe, natural gas from Russia is used to heat homes, generate electricity and as a fuel.

So far all European countries are paying around 60 per cent in euros and the rest in dollars. After the war with Ukraine, Putin demanded that payments be made entirely in rubles. On this, the leaders of European countries said that this is a violation of the pre-determined condition. So they will not pay by ruble. Let us tell you, Poland imports about 9 billion cubic meters of Russian gas every year. It meets about 45% of the country’s needs.