Corona has stirred up in China. People have gathered from Shanghai to Beijing. Lockdown has been done in some areas of Beijing. 22 million people have been tested. Testing has been intensified in many areas since Chaoyang. A total of three tests will be conducted on alternate days for all residents. In Chaoyang, 3.69 million people were tested. Beijing has imposed restrictions as well as lockdowns in some areas, including the closure of gyms, theaters and tourist attractions. On the 25th 33 new cases were reported in Beijing.

People are scared and have started buying unnecessarily. There is a competition to buy what is available in malls and shops. 16,900 new cases and 52 deaths in Shanghai

Things are getting worse in Shanghai. 16,900 new cases have been reported. Fifteen more have died. 15,319 cases are asymptomatic while 1,661 cases are symptomatic.

corona killed 62.46 million people worldwide

The number of corona infected worldwide has increased from 51 million to 51.01 million. Corona has killed 62.46 lakh people. 46.35 crore people have been cured after treatment. The number of active cases still stands at 4.04 crore.