Uttar Pradesh After the instructions of CM Yogi Adityanath, the sound of loudspeakers from religious places has reduced or their voice has slowed down. According to the police, so far 6031 loudspeakers have been removed in the state and 29674 voices have been reduced as per the prescribed standards. Loudspeakers have been removed from temples, mosques and other religious places on the orders of UP Police. Additional loudspeakers have been removed with the consent of the Bari Masjid and Shiv Mandir Committee of Alauddinpur. The government has also sought reports of places where loudspeakers are still playing. The report has been asked to be submitted by April 30.


CM Yogi gave this order

A few days ago, CM Yogi Adityanath had directed that the loudspeaker’s sound at religious places should be played only according to the prescribed standards. It was also said that the sound of the loudspeaker should be kept only inside the religious place so that no one else is disturbed. The effect of this order of the Chief Minister is also being seen. In many places there are temples or mosques, loudspeakers have either been removed, or reduced or their volume has been reduced.

Force alert issued in sensitive places

At the same time, according to ADG Law and Order Prashant Kumar, loudspeakers have been removed from 125 religious places in UP so far. Speaker’s voice has been heard as per prescribed standards at 17,000 places of worship. In view of festivals of all religions, loudspeakers have also been discussed with 37,344 clerics. The ADG said that the police administration is also very cautious regarding the goodbye prayers. Goodbye prayers are to be offered at about 31 thousand places. Loudspeaker noise in all these places will also be taken into account.

Many loudspeakers have been removed from this place

  1. Loudspeakers have been removed from 30 religious places in Agra zone
  2. Loudspeakers have been removed from 1215 religious places in Meerut zone
  3. Loudspeakers have been removed from 4 religious places in Bareilly zone
  4. Loudspeakers have been removed from 912 religious places of Lucknow zone
  5. Loudspeakers have been removed from 349 religious places in Kanpur zone
  6. Loudspeaker removed from religious place in Prayagraj
  7. Loudspeakers removed from 2 religious places in Gorakhpur region
  8. Loudspeakers have been removed from 1366 religious places in Varanasi zone
  9. Loudspeakers removed from 190 religious places in Lucknow Commissionerate