LUCKNOW, 27 APRIL (H.C.). The Uttar Pradesh government is going to set up a separate data center for the preservation of all the documents and data of the modern record room of all the land of the state. The Revenue Department has set a target to prepare this data center in the next two years. In this data center all the land related records will be available in digital format. The information can be accessed instantly from the data center. With this step, the Yogi government is preparing to prepare a new system to stop crime by ending land disputes.

Not only this, the Yogi government is going to take big steps in the field of land reforms. Under this, all the land maps will be digitized. So that they can be tracked through software. This work is also planned to be completed by the Revenue Department within the next two years.

Within the next two years, the Revenue Department has planned to make online the records of all the non-ZA (the land which does not come under the purview of Zamindari Annihilation Act) lands and houses under a single click, so that their computerized Khatauni is issued. can be done.

Along with this, the state government has also prepared a plan to complete the work of digitization of all the villages in the state through Geographical Information System (GIS) in the next two years. The target of containing latitude-longitude) has also been fixed by the Revenue Department.