Uttar Pradesh Now the question of when the incidents of honor killing will stop in the country north State I have again stood up about a shocking incident. incident UP Crime It is from Mainpuri. A girl got married in Kotwali of Mainpuri. This love is done against the family marriage) Relatives did not like it at all. Angry relatives shot and beat their own daughter to death. The newlyweds were shot dead on the spot and their son-in-law was seriously injured. The family members of the girl entered the house and killed her. The girl’s husband and his family members were also injured in the incident. All the injured have been admitted to the hospital for treatment. The matter is being further investigated by the police.

Outrage over the shocking incident

Everyone was surprised to see this attack done with the intention of honor killing. On getting information about the incident, the police immediately reached the spot. The police have registered a case and have formed teams in search of the killers. A total of three teams are searching for the fugitive killers.

According to the report given so far by Pushpendra Singh, the girl had married against her family on April 20. The boy’s name is Karan and the girl’s name is Komal. Karan had a love affair with Komal, a resident of Kayamganj in Farooqabad.

They have been in love since last year. They both wanted to marry each other. Karan’s family agreed for the marriage. But Komal’s family strongly opposed the marriage. But Komal’s mother supported her in the daughter’s marriage. Komal’s mother persuaded her to marry.

attacked the house of father-in-law

Koman was living with his mother-in-law. Komal’s house in Purohita Mohalla was ransacked by her brother and uncle. They shot Karan and Komal as soon as they entered the house. After this, the relatives reached the spot to save the shooters. Two people were injured. After this, Komal’s brother and uncle fled from the spot. He was killed in the attack. Her husband was seriously injured. His mother Pinky and brother Rocky were also injured. She is currently in the hospital and the police is looking for the accused. This heart-wrenching incident has once again stirred up the incidents of honor killing.