Balrampur, 27 April (H.S.). In support of the instructions of the Uttar Pradesh government regarding sound system at religious places, the additional sound system installed in Shaktipeeth temple Devipatan has been removed on Wednesday. Along with this, the sound of the horn has also been reduced.

Supporting the decision of the government, Devipatan Peethadheeshwar Mithilesh Nath, while removing the sound system from the Shakti Peeth, appealed to all the religious leaders to support it.

On Wednesday, except the sound system installed in the main temple of Shakti Peeth Temple, Devipatan, all other sound systems have been removed. The sound of the installed sound system has also been reduced drastically.

Devipatan Peethadheeshwar Mithilesh Nath said that the order of the Uttar Pradesh government regarding loudspeakers is paramount. Religious harmony and security of the state comes first. Today, following the instructions of the government, the additional sound system was removed from Devipatan Devi temple, as well as the sound has been reduced.

Said that the loud sound of mike has a bad effect on environmental pollution as well as the health of sick people. Children’s education is also disrupted. Three out of four loudspeakers have been taken down from Devi Patan temple. He also appealed to other religious leaders and devotees to follow the instructions of the government, if four loudspeakers are installed, then keep one and remove three. So that along with religious harmony, the environment can also be protected.

It is noteworthy that Devipatan Peethadheeshwar welcomed this decision of the government and said that there used to be controversy in the state every day regarding sound systems. Peethadheeshwar appealed to all religious leaders, institutions and said that everyone should reduce their sound system, so that an atmosphere of harmony is created in the society.

On the spot, local police officer Kunwar Prabhat Singh told that about two dozen religious institutions of the area have removed the sound system from religious institutions, supporting this decision of the government.