Hair Care Mistakes: Although the complaint of hair loss is common, but if the hair starts falling after combing, then you need to be alert, because you are making such mistakes, which can increase your problem.

Hair Care Mistakes: If your hair falls badly while combing, then you have to change some habits, because many times you are making such mistakes, due to which there is a problem of hair fall. Although, these are very small habits, but let us tell you that by this you are doing yourself a big loss. So let us know what are the mistakes that you are making.

comb wet hair

If you are combing wet hair, then change this habit immediately, because because of this also your hair starts falling. Actually, when you comb wet hair, then the hair is very weak at that time, only then many hairs start falling at once. If you do this mistake again and again, then there is a possibility of heavy hair fall.

braid wet hair

Apart from this, women make braids in wet hair. Let us tell you that by doing this you are making your hair even more weak. Making a ponytail in wet hair can not only start the problem of smell, but also itching starts. In such a situation, then you have to face many problems related to hair.

sleeping after washing hair

Apart from this, some people fall asleep after washing their hair. If you are also doing this, then rectify this habit. Because it is not right to sleep immediately after hair wash. Due to this there is also a fear of catching cold. Apart from this, there is also a fear of bacteria growing in the hair.

Using styling tools on wet hair

Styling tools should not be used at all in wet hair. Due to this your hair will start falling apart as well. Overall, you have to improve these habits, only then you can get rid of the problem of hair breakage.

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