Debina Bonnerjee Baby: Debina Bonnerjee and Gurmeet Chaudhary recently became parents. Now Debina is getting trolled for the way she holds her baby girl.

Debina Bonnerjee Baby: This year, Kilkari has echoed in the homes of many actors of the entertainment world. One of them is Debina Bonnerjee and Gurmeet Chaudhary. Recently Debina gave birth to a beautiful daughter and she gave this information on her social media account. Debina is constantly telling through videos how she is taking care of her daughter, but in the recent viral video, she is being trolled a lot for the way she holds the girl.

holding baby girl with one hand

Just a few hours ago, Debina Bonnerjee shared the video with the fans. In this video, Debina Banerjee is reciting a lullaby to her daughter. Debina Banerjee holds her daughter with one hand while reciting the lullaby. Fans are not liking this style of Debina Banerjee at all. Fans are explaining to Debina Banerjee that her daughter is not a toy. It is not right for Debina Banerjee to be so careless.

people trolled

Seeing the video of Debina Bonnerjee, a user wrote, ‘Nowadays parents have become very careless. They don’t even know how to take care of children. This is not the right way to dress a baby. If you do not know how to handle children, then first learn this work. Don’t play with the life of the child.

Fans taunted

Another user wrote, ‘Madam this is a child, not a toy. Learn to handle it properly. Not only this, a user has threatened to unfollow Debina Banerjee. People are constantly taunting Debina Banerjee on social media. Fans believe that Debina Banerjee is not able to take care of her daughter properly. Due to this one post, Debina Banerjee is constantly in the limelight.

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