India Corona Update: Corona cases are increasing again in India. Talking about the last 24 hours, a total of 2,927 new cases have been reported. About half of these have been found in Delhi. Corona cases increase after deal in Corona restrictions in Delhi

India Corona New Case: In India, 2,927 cases of corona virus have been reported in the last 24 hours. Of these, 1,203 cases i.e. almost half are from Delhi. 1 death has also been registered in Delhi in the last 24 hours. However, it is a matter of relief that the total number of deaths in India is not very high. This time there are few serious cases of corona.

32 deaths recorded

32 deaths have been registered in India in the last 24 hours, but looking at this data in detail, it is found that 22 out of 32 deaths have been added by the state of Kerala – which are now considered to be deaths due to corona. Whereas, this death had already happened. Similarly, the data of 4 deaths is also from the last days, which has now been updated by Kerala. In this way, 26 out of 32 deaths are related to updating old data.

Increase in cases due to lifting of ban

The cases of corona virus are increasing in Delhi due to the sudden removal of all the restrictions related to corona, relaxation in the wearing of masks and the simultaneous opening of schools. It was only after the increasing cases that the Delhi government had to make masks mandatory again and also imposed a fine of Rs 500. In India including Delhi, Omicron (B.1.1.529) and its sub-lineage BA.2.12.1 are together increasing the corona.

Found sub-variant of Omicron

A sub-variant of Omicron has been found in the Genome Sequencing Lab at ILBS ie Institute of Liver and Biliary Science in Delhi. The samples found positive from the new sub-variant (BA.2.12.1) have been sent to the COVID-19 Genome Sequencing Consortium INSACOG.

Sequencing of samples started

In Delhi, it is now being checked through more genome sequencing whether the infection of BA.2.12.1 was limited to only one place or in the entire city. The new variants were detected when Delhi started sequencing samples with CT values ​​of 25 or more from April 9 onwards. In India, only the Omicron variant of corona is being found in 95 percent of the cases. So far, more than 8 variants have been found and there is a possibility of spreading more variants of Omicron.

XE variants not yet available in Delhi

The XE variant has not been found in Delhi yet. According to WHO, this variant can spread faster than all other variants. In what the PM discussed today, he also emphasized on genome sequencing, so that new variants can be detected in time. Applying a mask can prevent not only corona, but also many other diseases, and in the polluted cities of Delhi NCR, the mask also protects against dust and smoke, so in the opinion of experts, masks should be considered a part of life.

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