Vastu Tips for Home: Often you must have heard the elders interrupting about the shoes and slippers lying in the house. But very few people know the reason behind it.

Vastu Tips: Elders in the house are always harassing about shoes and slippers. Most people find this confusing but no one knows the logic behind it. However, when the elders interrupt, they straighten the slippers immediately. So let us know what can be the problem by leaving the slippers upside down.

Maa Lakshmi gets angry

It is believed that if there are inverted slippers or inverted shoes in the house, they should be straightened immediately, because this can lead to a fight at home and Goddess Lakshmi also gets angry. That’s why the elders say that the inverted slippers should be straightened immediately, there is no scientific fact behind it.

disease grows at home

Apart from this, there is another belief that keeping slippers and shoes inverted leads to illness, misery etc. in the house. Therefore, after removing the slipper and shoe, if it turns upside down by mistake, then straighten it immediately. It is also believed that keeping slippers and shoes in front of the house or upside down in the house can lead to a quarrel in the house. Elderly elders say that never keep slippers and shoes upside down, it brings negative energy in the house.

bad effect on thinking

It is also a belief that even by forgetting at the door of the house, shoes and slippers should not be kept upside down. This has a bad effect on the thinking of the members of the house. According to Vastu, the positivity of the house goes away due to inverted shoes and slippers. Due to this, there is a lot of hindrance in the happiness and peace of the family.

Saturn’s wrath remains

It is believed that keeping shoes and slippers upside down in the house creates an atmosphere of tension. Also, keeping slippers and shoes inverted keeps Shani’s wrath, because Shani Dev is considered to be the factor of feet.

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