Sahara India SEBI Case: After the government’s statement on the investors of Sahara India, the company has now written a letter. On behalf of the company, it has been said that the money will be deposited in the account of SEBI.

Sahara India SEBI Case: Lakhs of people’s money is stuck in Sahara India. Efforts have been going on from the side of the government to get back the money of the investors for a long time. Last days, Minister of State for Finance Pankaj Choudhary also gave a statement in the House on behalf of the government.

Records are not being traced in the documents provided

During this, the Minister of State for Finance had said that SEBI has received 19,644 applications related to 53,642 original bond certificates / pass books for Rs 81.70 crore. The government had also told that the records of the remaining applications are not traceable in the documents provided by SIRECL and SHICL.

The allegation of holding 25,000 crores of investors

Now Sahara has again accused SEBI of keeping Rs 25,000 crore of investors. Even before this, this thing has been said on behalf of Sahara. Sahara wrote in the letter that she (Sahara) is also suffering from SEBI. We are asked to run but we are kept in chains.

SEBI has told the reason for not returning the money

On not being able to return the money, it was already told by SEBI that the data of investors is not being traced in the documents and records. In the annual report of SEBI on 4 August 2021, it was said to return Rs 129 crore to the investors. At that time, the regulator had also told that the amount deposited in SEBI’s account till 31 March 2021 is about Rs 23,191 crore including interest. Earlier, SEBI had said that no claim from SEBI will be entertained after July 2018.

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