viral video: A small child should not show any eyes without knowing it. Many children often see the song of the film ‘Masoom’ working to turn it into reality. One such boy has now been seen in Pakistan. This 8-year-old boy is driving a Toyota Fortuner car and the video of this boy driving the car is becoming very viral. Not only this, the boy is also seen roaming in the car with his 10-year-old sister.

What’s in the video..
This video going viral has been shared on YouTube. The names of the children seen in the video are Ayan and Ariba. Ayan is 8 years old and Ariba is 10 years old. In the video you will see Toyota Fortuner car running and in no time when our attention shifts to the driver’s seat everyone is shocked because the driver of the car is 8 year old Tanio. Ariba introduces herself and her brother and says that we had come to our village in a car. In the video, Araba is telling how her brother can easily drive this car.

good response from people
From social media to YouTube, people are liking and sharing this video. Thousands of people have watched this video so far and its views are increasing continuously. Some people are praising the driving skills of the child while some are criticizing the driving at this young age. One user wrote that if India had been there, the child’s father would have been arrested by now. Some users have also condemned the parents of both the siblings.