ATM Robbery Viral Video: There are many such videos on the internet that entertain us. Every video on social media tells a different story. One such video is currently going viral on social media, which is of JCB. You must have seen many videos of JCB on social platforms but this video is something different which will surprise everyone.

JCB absconding with ATM machine

You must have often seen JCB machines assisting in construction, excavation or construction, but have you ever seen it stolen by JCB? Yes, are you surprised? The smugglers thought of attacking the ATM with the help of JCB. A video of the incident was captured in the CCTV installed in the ATM, which clearly shows how the JCB tried to break into the ATM machine and enter.


Video captured in cctv camera

After watching this video at first sight you will think that it is difficult for JCB to steal ATM machine. But after sometime JCB picks up the ATM machine and leaves. The incident is being told of Sangli village in Maharashtra. According to the information received, there were 27 lakh rupees in the ATM machine. This video is surprising people. Even after watching this video some people are not sure how this can happen. After watching the video, some users are blaming unemployment.

Video shared on YouTube

Many people on social media were surprised to see such a thief. This video has been shared on YouTube channel Viral Stringer. The video has also been shared on various social media platforms.