Till now you must have seen many horses but in Surat a family took out a horse and when you see it you will say that it is a real Bhajbaaz. happened and his discussion is going on towards Cho.

Slowly now the wedding season is starting. On the other hand, the scorching heat is also showing its effect at this time. Horses on the streets of Surat became the center of attraction in the scorching sun of fireballs.


As you can see in the viral video that Porch is running with a horse. Even in the scorching heat, in which the executioner was seen having breakfast fiercely. Because, above his head was the shelter of the verandah.

Surti is known for turning every difficulty into an opportunity. Then why not have that chance of marriage? Even if it is scorching summer, have fun in the wedding. Discussions are going on about this innovative alchemy from Cho’s side.