Symptoms for liver failure: Liver is an important part of our body. The liver works in the body to convert food into nutrients and energy. Also, it works to filter the blood present in our body. You may have noticed that liver damage is noticed immediately and often patients do not realize they have liver damage for months. If you know the symptoms of its worsening, then you will know this disease immediately. So let’s know what are those 5 symptoms with the help of which it can be detected that your liver is damaged.

1. Vomiting
If you are vomiting repeatedly, then you should consult a doctor at once. In this case it cannot be normal vomiting. Vomiting for several days in a row can also be a sign of liver damage.

2. Loss of appetite
Most people start complaining of loss of appetite. If this complaint is going on for 15 days, then you should not take it lightly, because it is also a symptom of liver damage.


3. Feeling tired
Sometimes you feel more tired and it does not go away even after taking lakhs of measures. So here you need to be careful. Frequent fatigue can also be a symptom of liver damage.

4. Diarrhea
Often diarrhea is also caused by changes in the environment or an upset stomach. But keep in mind that it is not necessarily normal diarrhoea. In such a situation, you need to be careful, because this is also a symptom of liver damage.

5. Weight Loss
Apart from this, if your weight starts decreasing suddenly and its speed is increasing continuously, then be careful, because sometimes even if the liver is damaged, the weight starts reducing rapidly.