Health News: To stay healthy and look beautiful, our stomach is most important because keeping the stomach healthy cures half the disease. That is why it is important that we detox ourselves in summers so that our face looks nourished and refreshed. For this we do not need any expensive product. We can make it with some home remedies only. By drinking it we can keep our stomach healthy and also it helps in reducing weight, energy, pH level, skin, immune system. So let us tell you how this detox water is made.

Ingredients for making detox water-

  • Cucumber – 10 pieces
  • Lemon – 10 pieces
  • Mint – few leaves
  • Water – 1 bottle

how to make detox water

  • Put a few slices of cucumber in a glass jar.
  • Add lemon pieces.
  • Now add mint leaves and a little lemon juice to it.
  • Then add water and mix well.
  • Keep the bottle in the fridge, when the water cools down a bit, drink a few glasses of water throughout the day.

Benefits of eating lemon, mint and cucumber-


  • Lemon is also known to purify your blood, thereby keeping your body free from many health ailments.
  • Mint is good for digestion and it flushes out toxins from the body.
  • Mint helps in weight loss.
  • Cucumber is 96% water and hence provides extra hydration.
  • Cucumber flushes out toxins and cleanses your intestine, thus preventing any digestive problems.
  • Cucumber is rich in healthy digestive enzymes, which helps in digestion.