Tea-2Mumbai: Many of us are one of cup of tea Don’t start without Almost everyone likes to drink tea. Although many people have a habit of eating spicy or something sweet with tea. Many people drink tea even after having a meal. But the caffeine present in it can cause many health problems. could be the reason. Therefore, you should take special care while drinking tea. Drinking tea can cause constipation, indigestion and other problems. drinking tea on an empty stomach acidity And it is advised not to drink tea after eating certain foods. Let us know about it in detail.

Do not drink tea after a cold drink

Many people consume cold foods first and then tea. Drinking tea on cold foods has a bad effect on the digestive system. There may be problems like gas, indigestion or constipation in the stomach. Not only this, this way also has a bad effect on the health of the teeth. The gums can also become weak. If you want to drink tea after eating some cold food, then keep a gap of half an hour.

pakora and tea

Almost everyone has a habit of eating tea and pakodas while enjoying the rain outside. The dumplings are made from gram flour and contain a lot of oil. Eating gram flour with tea also affects the digestive system. Drink tea after about 40 minutes after eating anything made from gram flour.

lemonade and tea

Nowadays weight gain is a big problem for many people. Many people consume lemon water on an empty stomach to lose weight. Immediately after that they drink tea as usual. According to experts, this can lead to acidity or adversely affect the digestive system. The acid in lemon and the mixture of tea can damage the stomach and make you sick.