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Actress Meera Mithun He has been arrested again after the Chennai High Court denied him bail in a case filed against him for defaming Chief Minister Stalin and spreading audio recordings.

The name of the film starring actress Meera Mithun is ‘Peya Kanom’. On March 16, Meera Mithun posted an audio recording using obscene language from the film’s producer Surulivel, director and Chief Minister Stalin on a WhatsApp group created by the same name. The complaint was made by the producer of the film, Surulivel.

A petition was filed in the High Court on behalf of Miramithun alias TamilChelvi for bail in the case registered in this regard. in this
It was mentioned that Meera Mithun had attended a condolence program on the day of audio recording of slander about Chief Minister MK Stalin and did not speak as mentioned in the complaint.


Further, Meera Mithun had demanded in the petition that a false case be registered against him and that he be granted bail before this case.

In this case Judge G. Jayachandran came for the hearing in the session today. At that time, the police argued that Miramithun had a habit of spreading slander against celebrities and making false remarks. The police also said that Meera Mithun should not be granted bail as she should be arrested and questioned for spreading slander against the chief minister.



Hearing this, the judge similarly questioned the police as to why Meera Mithun had spoken and why she was arrested earlier. Responding to this, the police prosecutor pointed out that Meera Mithun was arrested under the Prevention of Atrocities Act on a complaint criticizing the list and progress of tribals in the film industry and she, who is currently out on bail, was re-arrested. was arrested. criticized the Chief Minister.


Following this, the police dismissed the petition filed by Meera Mithun, seeking bail before the judge to give an explanation. The judge also ordered the police to arrest and interrogate Meera Mithun and take action to delete her records.