If we want to make Tesla cars in India, we have all the capabilities and technology. However, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has said that the proposal to make a car in China and sell it in India is not justified.

Nitin Gadkari had participated in a program. At that time, he had offered Tesla chief Elon Musk to manufacture Tesla cars in India. Gadkari has said that the Tesla car made in China should not be manufactured in India but in India.

“I urge Musk to start producing Tesla cars in India,” Gadkari said. India is a big market. There are also ports. You can export cars from India to other countries. Welcome to Tesla India. But, if it has to be produced in China and sold in India, it is not good for India. We urge them to come to India and produce.”



Tesla has been demanding tax exemption from the Indian government for the past few days. However, his demand has been repeatedly rejected by the government. The government also said that Tesla’s demand could not be met.

Musk’s Tesla wants to import its vehicles into India, for which it needs a tax cut. However, the Indian government has said that the company should manufacture its vehicles locally instead of importing them in India.

Meanwhile, the deal between Musk and social media platform Twitter is nearing completion. Twitter’s board has accepted Musk’s bid of 44 billion.