Covid-19 4th Wave: Corona cases are increasing once again in the country. People are already scared of the fourth wave. Renowned virologist Dr. T. Jacob Jane said on Tuesday that the possibility of a fourth wave of corona in India is extremely low. When asked whether the cases of corona are increasing in some states. Virologist Jacob Jane said that there has been a slight increase in the number of corona cases in Delhi and Haryana in the last two-three weeks, but the increase is not continuous.

“As per my knowledge, no state is reporting an increase in corona cases,” Dr John said. The number of corona cases in the country remained low and relatively stable during March and April. Delhi and Haryana have seen a marginal increase in the last two-three weeks but the increase is not consistent. Delhi has only 5 lakh cases per thousand population.

emphasis on vaccination

Doctor. John said that it would be a surprise to me if there was a fourth wave. So I can’t guess anything about it. The probability of a fourth wave is very small. Our best defense against the adverse effects of coronary heart disease is vaccination. Full vaccination means taking two doses and a precautionary dose after at least 6 months. He also said that the official version of two doses as complete vaccination is unscientific.


Use mask to protect against corona virus

On what else should be done to prevent and contain the corona cases, the virologist said that masks should be used. When asked whether schools should be closed amid rising cases, Dr. John said that schools should not be closed at all. Schools should be kept open.

Responding to whether there is any new form of corona virus in the country, the virologist said that while there has been an ups and downs in the cases of corona, there has also been a decrease in the cases. The growth in the case of Corona is not sustainable at all. So I don’t think there is any new type involved. However, the variant screening should be continued so that the corona virus does not surprise us again.