The heat is on. Soft drinks are often consumed to keep the stomach cool. This also includes energy drinks. Nowadays children are also seen drinking energy drinks. But often energy drinks can be deadly.

Meanwhile, now such a shocking incident has come to the fore. An energy drink is aimed at a child’s life. Six-year-old child dies of heart attack after drinking energy drink. This incident has caused a stir.

Francisco, 6, of Mata Moros in northeastern Mexico, drank a glass of energy drink. After that his health deteriorated. He was taken to the nearest hospital for treatment. According to The Mirror, Francisco was thirsty. He drank monster energy drink to quench his thirst. After that he started feeling unwell. His family admitted him to Pumarejo Hospital. Doctors said that he had suffered a heart attack and was brain dead.

He was in coma for 6 days. His mother Jessica did not allow him to be removed from the artificial life support machine. It is not yet known what he will do after leaving office. But health experts advise young children not to drink energy drinks. It is high in caffeine and sugar.

There was no immediate reaction from the energy drink company concerned after the child’s death. This is not the first time an energy drink has caused a heart attack or death. According to a report in Fab Daily, earlier a person had a heart attack due to drinking too much energy. One person died from an energy drink. A Hindi website has given news about this.