Congress leader and MP from Wayanad, Kerala, Rahul Gandhi keeps targeting the Center on the issue of inflation and employment. He has once again targeted New India and targeted the central government regarding unemployment. Rahul Gandhi tweeted on Tuesday, “Naya Bharat Naya slogan – unemployment at home, unemployment in home.” In the tweet, Rahul further wrote, ‘Modi is the first Prime Minister of the country in 75 years whose ‘masterstroke’ has given up hope of getting jobs to more than 45 crore people.

Rahul Gandhi accuses PM Modi
Rahul Gandhi accuses PM Modi

On the other hand, Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala has also targeted the Center regarding unemployment and inflation. He tweeted that not only people’s livelihood has been lost in the Modi government, crores of hopes have also ended. 45 crore people out of 90 crore have given up their job search. The share of ‘half the population’ in the economy has come down to 18%. The country is forced to drink the poison of unemployment and inflation during the nectar period.


Earlier, while describing inflation and fall in fixed deposit or FD interest rates, Rahul had said that PM Modi’s ‘masterstroke’ has ruined your hard earned money. “Inflation has come down to 6.95 per cent, while FD has come down to 5 per cent,” he said. Forget depositing Rs 15 lakh in your bank accounts, PM Modi’s ‘masterstroke’ has ruined your hard earned money.”