surat1in Surat Grishma Vekaria Massacre Of Today is the expected date. If both sides have representation today, they will be able to do that. Both parties may submit an application or a written application if they so desire. After this tentative date, the court will announce the next sentencing date. It was ordered to be presented only if there were any questions or representations in the matter. The Surat court can announce the next date in the case and sentence the accused.

Fenil, convicted in the Grishma Vekaria murder case in Surat, was produced in the court on April 26. In which defense counsel argued that Fenil should be given the minimum sentence. On the other hand, lawyers for the government side argued that Fenil should be given the maximum punishment. Fenil has been convicted under various sections including 302 in the Chakchari Grishma murder case in Surat. The judge of Surat court has found Fenil guilty. The Surat court, after repeatedly viewing the video of the incident, revealed that the accused had put another paddle in his pants.

Significantly, Grishma Vekaria was murdered on February 12 by an accused named Fenil. Fenil publicly strangled Grishma and then attempted suicide. Fenil was taken to the hospital after the incident was reported. The accused, Fenil, was discharged from the hospital on February 15 after treatment. The police arrested Fenil soon after he was released from the hospital.

When the SIT was formed on 16 February. The incident was reconstructed with the accused, Fenil, on February 17. Fenil was remanded in Lajpur jail after completing his remand on February 19. During investigation it was revealed that Fennell had also tried to buy AK-47s to kill Grishma. The court found Fenil guilty on April 21, after hearing both the sides and examining the evidence.