Simdega, April 26 (H.S.). Poornima Kumari of Jambahar Patratoli, a small village in the district, no longer needs any identity. Born in a small village, Poornima has achieved a high position while fighting poverty. Poornima Kumari has been selected for the Under-17 FIFA Football World Cup team. Due to this the people of Jambahar Patratoli village are very happy.

Poornima Kumari was very quick to play both football and hockey since childhood. But Purnima chose football for her career. At the village level, Poornima won many cups and shields at a young age. There was no football field in the village, but playing in the rough ground, traveled till the full moon World Cup. Poornima had to face many difficulties in moving forward.

Poornima’s mother died in her infancy. After this, his elder sister Sanmeet Kumari, giving up her happiness, became a mother and raised Poornima by raising her. After this, Poornima always motivated her to move ahead in the field of sports by doing her own labor and worked day and night to provide every facility.

Poornima’s father is a farmer. They do not earn that much from agriculture, after which they have to work as laborers to meet the needs of the household. The entire family, suffering from extreme poverty, left no stone unturned to pursue Purnima. Poornima Kumari was first selected in the Indian team in 2019. But due to not getting the passport on time, she could not join the team. After this, Hockey Simdega President Manoj Konbegi assisted him.

After that the passport was made. In 2019 itself, Purnima went to Bhutan to play for the Indian team. Presently Poornima Kumari is selected for the Under-17 FIFA Football World Cup. A camp has been organized in Jamshedpur in which Poornima Kumari is continuously taking training. It is the dream of the family that Poornima Kumari should play at the International level and make her own identity and illuminate the name of her family, district and state.