The editor-in-chief of Jan Man India Sudhir S. Rawal’s ITV Network has appointed him as Consulting Editor. Sudhir S. Sudhir S. Rawal is a senior journalist, columnist and political analyst from Gujarat. Among the national news channels of ITV Network, the English news channel News X and Hindi India News are one of the leading channels in the country. In addition, ITV Network has 11 TV channels with 6 regional languages ​​and with its presence in print and digital media, ITV Network reaches over 560 million people in India.

Sudhir S. Rawal is known for his credible, fearless, impartial and public interest journalism for the past three decades. He has a strong hold on investigative journalism, research and context, election coverage, surveys, data-analysis and parliamentary affairs.

Sudhir S. Who has written about 2000 articles and columns in Gujarati as well as in English media. Rawal has interviewed many eminent personalities from various fields across the country in print, electronic and digital media. His books on Gujarat Model Governance are ‘Swarnim Gujaratni Swarnim Safar’ (‘Swarnim Gujarat ni Swarnim Safar’) and ‘Swarnim Gujarat Parliamentary Memorial-2010’ (‘Swarnim Gujarat Parliamentary Smriti-‘R’) and its Hindi version ‘Janayodha’. Books are still very popular, prestigious and successful.

Sudhir S. With ITV Network. Speaking on Rawal’s new role, Kartikeya Sharma, Founder, ITV Network said, “We believe the market is rapidly evolving, creating unique opportunities. Sudhirji has had an impressive career with significant achievements and I look forward to our partnership. We see significant opportunities in the market and I am happy with the momentum we are seeing and Sudhirji will continue to drive our growth.”

Sudhir S. “I am extremely honored to be part of the ITV Networks team,” Rawls said. “I look forward to working with talented editors and journalists on what I can do better for ITV Network. The network has a rich history and I look forward to being a part of its future.”