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Understand the meaning of record arrival of tourists in Kashmir

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The valleys of Kashmir are now giving hope among Kashmiris. The hope is that now life in the valley is back on track. There the atmosphere of fear and fear is almost ending. Had this thing been beyond the truth, then one lakh 80 thousand tourists would not have reached the Srinagar airport in the month of March last. This figure is the largest in terms of monthly tourist arrivals in the valley in the last ten years. The matter is not ending here. Right now, experts related to the tourism sector of the state government feel that the number of tourists may increase further in the coming days and months. After all, to avoid the havoc of summer in May and June, tourists from all over the country will definitely come to enjoy the valley’s valleys, lakes, religious places.

Could anyone have imagined that soon the situation in the valley would return to normal and tourists would not face any problem while roaming there? At present, the situation is that even getting hotels or shikaras in the valley is becoming impossible. He has a long booking going on. The thinking of the whole country about the Valley is changing now. That’s why tourists from Mumbai to Delhi and from Bhubaneswar to Kerala are coming here. A friend of mine, who has retired from the post of Income Tax Commissioner, also traveled to the Valley with his family recently. He was telling that the local people of Kashmir are welcoming tourists with the same wholeheartedness as they used to do before the nineties. Their faces have lit up with the unprecedented influx of tourists. The tourism sector here was devastated due to terrorism first and then Kovid. The people associated with this area had become fascinated by grain. A serious problem of bread had arisen in front of them.

Now the atmosphere of panic there is almost non-existent. But this also does not mean that all the anti-India elements growing in the valley have ended. They still are. Yes, but they also have to join the mainstream of the country. There is no other way before them. If they do not improve, they will be tightened and are being tightened.

Now the local people of Kashmir will have to ensure that they isolate the anti-India elements. Complain to the security forces about their anti-national antics. Not only this, he will also have to provide full security to the non-Kashmiri people working in the Kashmir Valley. They have to be assured that Kashmir belongs to all. Every Indian has the same right on every particle of Kashmir as the Kashmiris. Even though a large number of tourists are coming to Kashmir, the Kashmiri society has to think that outsiders will also come to their state for business. As the whole of India belongs to Kashmiris, so the whole of India also has the same right over Kashmir. Every year Kashmiris come to different parts of the country to sell clothes and carpets etc. of their state’s handloom industry. Does anyone stop them anywhere? Then they should also give opportunity to everyone to work in their state also.

It is happening that even a person selling golgappas from Bihar is killed in Kashmir. Despite all this, the sentiments of the Kashmiri society are not openly visible in favor of the family of that oppressed. It is also a fact of Kashmir Valley that there have been many migrant Biharis who have been victims of terrorism. Some time ago poor Virendra Paswan of Bhagalpur was also gunned down. There was no one to cry on Paswan’s death except his family members or some close ones. Virendra Paswan used to come to Kashmir during the summer to earn a living. He used to make and sell delicious golgappas on a handcart in Srinagar.

Actually the problem with Kashmiri Muslims is that they are always in victim mode. They keep trying to prove that injustice was done to them. This mindset is not right. There is a need to get out of this mindset. They fall silent on the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits. They do not protest the killing of people like Paswan. By law, no injustice was done to them. On the contrary, they have done injustice to Kashmiri Pandits.

However, if the Kashmir Valley is changing, then credit has to be given to the development schemes going on there. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday inaugurated and laid the foundation stone for development projects in Jammu and Kashmir costing twenty thousand crore rupees. All the schemes of the central government are now being implemented rapidly in the valley as well. Kashmiri people are now taking full advantage of these schemes. Those who did not get the benefit of reservation in Jammu and Kashmir for years are also now taking the benefit of reservation. Just see that in the last years in the state, Dalits and backwards did not even get the benefit of reservation.

Meanwhile, the foundation stone of three sections of Delhi-Amritsar-Katra Expressway has also been laid. It is being constructed at a cost of more than seven and a half thousand crore rupees. Along with 108 Jan Aushadhi Kendras in Samba, a five hundred kilowatt solar power plant will be started in Palli village. Along with this, the Banihal Qazigund road tunnel has also been inaugurated. The tunnel, which is about eight and a half kilometer long, will reduce the distance between Banihal and Qazigund by 16 kilometer and will save one and a half hour travel time.

If you have recently come through Jammu and Kashmir, then you will agree that the roads of the state are becoming world class. No one needs to be told about the importance of roads in hilly states. When the central government and the whole country want that there should be prosperity in Jammu and Kashmir, then Kashmiri people should also perform some duty. Now they too showed their unwavering loyalty to India. So far only they have suffered in misleading the Pakistanis.


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