HARIDWAR, 26 April (H.S.). BAMS students of Rishikul Ayurvedic College imposed a lockdown in the college after their demands were not met. The students allege that the college management and the state government have been continuously misleading them about increasing the stipend. Said that till our stipend is not made at par with MBBS students, the protest will continue after locking the college.

The students allege that the way MBBS students did public service during the Corona period. Similarly, the students of BAMS studying in Rishikul and Gurukul gave their services day and night. Even during the Corona period, these students served the people, but when it came to paying stipend, the students of MBBS and BAMS were discriminated against by the government.

It is worth noting that for the past several months, the students of BAMS have been demanding to make their stipend equal to that of MBBS students, but there is no hearing anywhere. On Friday, too, the students had created a ruckus in Rishikul Ayurvedic College for increasing the stipend, after which not only the college management but also the government should take a decision on it soon. The students say that they were assured that their stipend would be extended till Monday, but now they have come to know that they have been cheated. He said that till now our stipend is not increased, we will continue to strike like this by locking down.