382054-jcbbuldozerAhmedabad : Digging the ground or demolishing a building. When such a need arises, the name of the machine comes first on the tongue of the people. Most people call it JCB. You may have seen this yellow machine on some construction sites. JCB is written in capital letters on this machine. And people recognize it with JCB machine. However, let us try to understand it by example. It is not written on your car, motorcycle or bicycle. The name of the company is written on it. Hyundai, Honda, Bajaj etc. The name of JCB company is written in that big yellow vehicle, it is not the name of any machine or vehicle.

Tata’s own company started making bulldozers
A machine now known as a bulldozer in India. Although it is JCB’s backhoe loader. But bulldozers weren’t always like this. But a Tata company had started making excavators in India even before JCB started its factory in India, which had previously been built to facilitate construction and mining operations. After that another Indian government company BEML also started making this type of machine in India.

What is the correct name of JCB machine:
The name of that machine is not JCB and if JCB is the name of the company then what is it called. Although the name of this machine and vehicle is Backhoe Loader. But people don’t know it as backhoe loader. The special thing about this machine is that it can be operated from both the sides. Whether digging the ground or breaking it somewhere. This machine works from both the sides. However, it is difficult to drive.

This is how the telco became Tata Hitachi:
Tata company that started manufacturing construction equipment in India. It started functioning in 1961 as a division of the Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company. Telco later came to be known as Tata Motors and its manufacturing equipment manufacturing division came to be known as Telcon. Telcon then collaborated with Japanese construction machinery company Hitachi, and several years later in 2012, the company became known as Tata Hitachi.

First excavation started in 1961:
Today we call backhoe loader bulldozer. Before that he started the construction of the excavator. It did not have wheels like today’s bulldozers or tractors. But it was a machine that ran like a tank on iron tyres. It was mostly used for digging the land, for filling in mines. The telco launched its 955 excavators in 1961. Then in 1964 the company made a small excavator 655 excavators and in 1971 the company started making cranes. After that the company started manufacturing all types of construction equipment one by one and it also has backhoe loader i.e. today’s bulldozer. In 2017 the company also launched a new range of backhoe loaders. Tata Hitachi is currently the largest manufacturer of single brand construction equipment in India. BEML, a Government of India company manufacturing construction equipment, was started in 1964 after Telcon.

Which company manufactures JCB machines: JCB
The full form of Joseph Cyril Bamford and the same company is Joseph Cyril Bamford. Which is called JCB in short. Experts say it is controlled by levers instead of steering. It has steering on one side. On the other hand, the lever is attached like a crane. There is a large part of this machine, which is called loader. It can also lift heavy goods or materials.

JCB came to India in 1979:
Today JCB is known as Bulldozer which is famous all over India. The British company started operations in India in 1979. Today the company has 5 factories in India. The first factory is in Vallabhgarh. Presently, Prime Minister of United Kingdom Boris Jones has inaugurated a new JCB factory in Halol, Gujarat. The way bulldozers are known to deal with anti-social elements. This will definitely increase the demand for bulldozers in the near future. Apart from this, due to bulldozers in construction and mines, work can be accelerated.