Diamond Crossing: You must have heard many unique facts related to Indian Railways , But you might not have heard that there is a railway track in India. Where Trains come from all over. Very few people would know about this unique fact. Anyone who comes to know about this for the first time is astonished. The most surprising thing is that it comes from all four directions on this track. trains with does not collide.

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You must have seen in the nets on railway tracks that many tracks cross each other. Meanwhile, this question must have come in your mind that how trains will pass through this crossing track. Several tracks cross each other. These tracks are set according to the route of the train. On this the trains change their route.

Apart from this, there is a special type of crossing in the railway track. This is called the Diamond Crossing. There are very few diamond crossings in the world. Trains pass in all four directions at Diamond Crossing. You will be surprised to know that there is only one diamond crossing in such a large railway network in India. Where railway tracks intersect each other from all four directions.

Diamond crossing is in Nagpur

Four railway tracks are visible at the same place. Nagpur is the only diamond railway crossing in India. To its east is a track to Gondia, which is the Howrah-Raukela-Raipur line. A track also comes from the south. One track comes from Delhi, which comes from the north. At the same time a track also comes from West Mumbai.