Mumbai: Reactions were coming from across the country after MNS President Raj Thackeray raised his voice against the noise at the mosque. In Uttar Pradesh too, discussions started regarding the sound of bells in mosques. After that Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath ordered and the sound of 17,000 loudspeakers at places of worship has been reduced. Horns of 125 religious places have also been removed. Police officials said they were following the court’s decision on the issue of loudspeakers at places of worship.

According to Uttar Pradesh law and order ADG Prashant Kumar, the court’s decision regarding loudspeakers at places of worship in the state is being complied with, and loudspeakers have been removed at 125 places of worship. The sound of trumpets and loudspeakers at 17,000 places of worship is automatically reduced. After the meeting of the peace committee, the places of worship have been decided automatically.

Permission will have to be taken before taking out any kind of religious procession or procession in the state. Religious programs and prayers will not disturb others. The government has ordered to pay attention to this.