Bharatiya Janata Party’s IT cell chief Amit Malviya has responded to Shiv Sena on Hanuman Chalisa controversy. Attacking Shiv Sena, he said that minorities are allowed. For so many years Muslims have been praying on the road, no one stopped them, but if any Hindu recites Hanuman Chalisa on the road, he is being advised to recite it at home.


minorities are allowed
Amit Malviya wrote in a tweet, ‘For so many years when Namaz was being offered on the streets, five times azaan was being given, no one asked Muslims to offer Namaz inside the house and not in public. The leaders of the Maharashtra government have been urging people to read Hanuman Chalisa at home since yesterday. But when Muslims do Namaz and Azan on the road 5-5 times a day, why no one asks them to offer Namaz at home. Minorities are always allowed. Hindus are being discriminated against in Maharashtra.

Navneet Rana did nothing wrong

Amit Malviya also opposed the action taken against Navneet Rana and said, what did Navneet Rana and her husband do? He only talked about reciting Hanuman Chalisa. Seeing the situation deteriorating, he withdrew his decision, even after this, a case of sedition has been registered against him. Is reciting Hanuman Chalisa treason? Wrong is happening with them, so BJP is standing with them. We stand with all those who have been wronged.

What did Shiv Sena say?

High voltage drama is going on in Mumbai since Sunday regarding Hanuman Chalisa. Police has sent Navneet Rana and her husband, who announce to read Hanuman Chalisa outside Matoshree. After this, on Monday, Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut said that do not spoil the atmosphere of the country in the name of Hanuman Chalisa. It is wrong to spoil the atmosphere by going to someone else’s house and reciting Chalisa, you should go to your home and temples and recite Hanuman Chalisa.