Home Entry Rules: It is everyone’s dream to build a dream house and then decorate it. But building a house is not enough to fulfill the dream. This also requires happiness. A happy life can be lived only when there is peace in the house and Mother Lakshmi resides.

In Hinduism, some rules have been given in relation to the house entry. Before entering the house, some special moments are taken out and the house entry is done accordingly. Before entering the house, let us know about some such rules of entering the house, which are beneficial to follow.

Know these important rules before entering the house

According to astrology, before entering the house, you must take an auspicious time from a Brahmin.
It is believed that one should not enter the house on Sundays and Saturdays.
There is also a belief that one should not enter the house before Holi.
The days before Diwali and Navratri are considered to be the best for homecoming.
Fasting should be done on the day of entering the house. After taking bath in the morning, wear clean clothes and enter the house with family members.
– Decorate the house with flowers and garlands in auspicious time.
It is believed that before entering the house, clean the door of the house and cover it with a dry cloth and install an urn in the house.
– While entering the house, first of all worship the Umra of the door..- Umra
Keep only lucky women or Brahmins in front for worship.
Husband and wife can also move forward together.
While entering the house, first of all keep the right foot forward.
On this day Havan should be done in the house and Navagraha Shanti must be done.
It is believed that on this day the housewife should first boil milk in the kitchen.

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