Export-2India’s agriculture and allied products export in Record achievements made. the country The target of 50-50 billion exports has been achieved in the agriculture sector. commerce to achieve this goal of India ministry worked hard. Commerce Ministry officials said that the ministry has taken several steps to achieve such a huge export target. Earlier in 2013-14, the country had exported agriculture worth 4343 billion US dollars, officials said. Thereafter, however, there was a steady decline in agricultural exports.

Agricultural exports declined by 10 10 billion in 2016-17, which was a matter of concern. Then in order to boost exports, the Ministry of Commerce identified four main reasons for the decline in agricultural exports, so that it could be corrected. The relationship between the production and export of agricultural products was not fair for four main reasons. On the other hand, it was found that the state government and farmers were not fully aware of the concept of products for export.

Farmers were made aware till the village level

When the reasons for the decline in exports were examined, it was also found that there was a lack of infrastructure and skills for agricultural exports due to which the states were exporting only as the domain of the central government. To address these issues, the Commerce Department developed an action plan. After this, for the first time, farmers were made aware of exports not only at the state but also at the district and village level.

Officials said that farmers were told that if the yield of any agricultural product is high, then the Indian government will export it. Because the government wants to help agriculture and allied sectors. Significantly, agriculture is the biggest source of livelihood in India.

Export barriers removed

Officials said that despite the coro epidemic, the agriculture sector has gained momentum. Because at that time the demand for food had increased globally. But markets and roads were closed due to the lockdown. At such a time, the officials of the Ministry of Commerce spoke to foreign buyers through a virtual meeting organized by the Indian Embassy abroad. Barriers like ports, customs etc were removed to meet the global demand. Simultaneously, it identified the infrastructure for agricultural exports and helped the states overcome it.

identification of new markets

In addition, the Ministry of Commerce has identified new markets to bring more and more agricultural products into the market, analyzed several issues such as more and more people entering the existing market, need for new markets. According to the Economic Times, officials said that despite India achieving US 50 billion US export target, India is yet to reach its full potential in exporting agricultural products. With the efforts of the government, in the year 2021-22, India exported rice worth 10 10 billion US dollars. It accounts for 50 percent of the world’s rice exports.