Gladious-FlowersThe sowing of Kharif crop is very near. Many farmers has started preparing the fields , However, during this time many farmers have turned to alternatives other than traditional farming. In this way many farmers Gladiolus ( Gladiolus Flower Cultivation ) are earning good profits by cultivating attractive flowers. gladiolus flower use It is used to enhance the beauty of cut flowers, beds, borders, gardens and pots. Warm climate is considered best for this flower. The temperature of about 16 to 40 degree centigrade is considered good for its cultivation.

Most of the farmers are not familiar with the name of this flower. In such a situation, he doubts whether he will be able to make a good profit from this. Let us tell you that these flowers are called for decoration in many big hotels including the international market. Its price is also good in the market. In such a situation, the cultivation of this flower can prove beneficial for the farmers.

In its cultivation, the harvesting of flowers is based on the varieties. Flowering takes place in about 60-65 days in early varieties, in about 80-85 days in medium varieties and in about 100-110 days in later varieties. Most of the farmers start harvesting flowers on this basis. The crop of this flower also depends on the distance of the market from the fields in many places.

Experts say that farmers should try their hand at gladiolus floriculture. The cost of cultivation remains the same as compared to other flowers and farmer can earn lakhs in less time. There is some program going on in India all the time. In such a situation, farmers do not need to worry much about the sale of these flowers.