6-43-1024x576A sharp fall in global cotton futures prices also led to a fall in prices in the domestic market. There has been a gradual decline in the prices in the last five sessions. At the beginning of last week Rs. On Monday, the price was trading at Rs 96,000 per kg. About 92-93 thousand business was being done. Thus a shortfall of three thousand has been registered. The cost of Kalyan is Rs. About 48-40 thousand were spoken. Global cotton futures were trading 146 cents lower at 134 cents.

Farmers are now bringing their goods to the market since the beginning of the fall in prices. Due to which there has been an increase in revenue in the last few days. RFdar’s income is also high in the current season. On Monday, Gujarat saw an income of about 12,000 bales. Which was about 10 thousand bales last Saturday. Thus an increase of 20 percent was observed in the revenue. According to market sources, the revenue is likely to be around 10-15 thousand bales in the coming days. The estimated income of farmers across the country is still 20 lakh bales. Which will knock in the market in the next one or two months. When prices fall, farmers rush to sell. Some farmers spend Rs. They were waiting for the price of one lakh rupees. According to sources, who have now turned to the sale. Farmers are given Rs. Prices are rising at 1700-2400 per gram. Which is almost double compared to the same period last year.

On the other hand, there has been a sharp drop in demand from the mills due to a significant increase in cotton prices in the last one month. This is because the price of yarn is not keeping pace with the price of cotton. which is not expensive. Those who have an order are buying enough to fulfill it. The work has been cut short due to non-compliance with the new order. However, given the shortage of goods in the country this season, there is no chance of a major fall in the prices. The mills have enough stock to last for a month and hence have to come to the market to buy them. In this case the price is Rs. Can be seen surrounded by 88-90 thousand. Sources said that the ending stock is also looking very low in the current season. Last season it was 7 million bales. Whereas in the last season, the ending stock of about 1 crore was seen. MCX futures also closed with a fall of one per cent on Monday. Considering the high cotton prices, the country is expected to see record cotton sowing in the new season and early May in May. According to trade circles, cotton cultivation can reach 140 lakh hectares in the new season.