Share Market : Indian stocks with strong global cues Market today Well open. Both the major indices are showing on the green mark. monday the sensex The index opened at 57,066.24 by touching a high of 57,212.54 and a low of 57,066.24 at 9.17 am today by 617.26 points or 1.08 per cent. nifty Talking about the index today, 17,121.30 It opened with a high of 17,147.40 and a low of 17,110.30. On Monday, Nifty closed above 16,953.95 points.

Global signal found to be good

Global markets saw a slight recovery. The US markets also saw a correction here and the Dow Jones Industrial Average ended the day higher by 240 points. During Monday’s trading session, the US market started weak but later there was a recovery here. The Dow Jones broke more than 700 points from the day’s low. The rally of IT giants has breathed new life into the market. Twitter shares jumped 5 percent. Apart from this, if we talk about the European markets, it has declined by 1.5 to 2 percent. Greenery is being seen in the Asian market. SGX Nifty is trading with a green mark and is hovering around the 100 mark here.

Commodity Update

  • Commodity market under pressure due to Chinese concerns
  • After Shanghai, Beijing is also at risk of lockdown
  • Crude recovered after falling by 4% yesterday
  • Gold four week low 00 1900 . came close to
  • Aluminum slips to 3-month low
  • There is also a huge reduction in zinc, lead and nickel

Important things for the market today

  • Good recovery from lower levels in US markets
  • Metals fall by 1.5-4% due to reduced demand in China
  • LIC’s updated DRHP approved by SEBI
  • Results of 2 Nifty companies and 4 F&O companies will come today

LIC’s IPO to open on May 4

India’s biggest IPO has been announced. India’s largest insurance company LIC is going to launch its IPO on May 4. And, this IPO can be filed till May 9. The government will sell its 3.5 per cent stake in the initial public offering (IPO) of Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) next month. The government will sell its 3.5 per cent stake in LIC.

fii-dii data

During the trading session on April 25, Foreign Institutional Investors bought Rs. 3302.85 crore while domestic institutional investors invested Rs. 1870.45 crores.

Sensex has broken 1300 points in the last two days

On Monday, the Sensex closed with a fall of 617.26 points or 1.08 per cent. BSE Sensex closed at 56,579.89 points. Earlier in the day, the Sensex closed at 57,197.15, down 714.53 points or 1.23 per cent. It is down 1,331.79 points in two trading sessions. The two-day fall in the stock market gave investors Rs. 6,47,484.72 crores. As a result, the market capitalization of companies listed on BSE fell to Rs. 2,65,29,671.65 crores.